Weekly Recap: Time to Get My Sh*t Together

So I have been back in Canada for like 3 days, and I think its officially time for me to start getting my shit together.

If you’re a bit lost, I spent a few weeks in the Caribbean, came back on Wednesday night and went back to school on Thursday. I know, it was a bad idea. You don’t need to remind me.

Other than going to school on Thursday, I have done absolutely nothing. Unless you count taking down my christmas tree. I have spent the past 2 days in bed, either sleeping or catching up with tv shows. And it isn’t because I don’t have anything to do. I just don’t have the motivation to do anything.

My suitcase and carry-on is just sitting there, and I only go to take what I need from it. And I am 2-weeks behind on school. And midterms are coming up very soon. I have an assignment due in a few days. I need to clean up my room and send apply for a few things. I need to respond to messages that i have ignored the past week or two.

I have shit to do but I have absolutely no motivation. Plus, the weather does not help. It is cold, snowy, dark. It just makes me want to stay in pyjamas, in my bed, underneath my blanket. And I need to be careful with that situation and mood because it could lead to a depressive episode. I know this because it happened to me last year.

That is why it is time for me to get my shit together.

The clock has struck midnight, it is Sunday, it is the beginning of a new week, so it is the perfect time to get my shit together.

If you are also in a rut, lets make this week a good one, to be productive, happy and good. Just don’t ask me how, I’m trying to figure that one out.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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