2019 Recap…

Since its the last day of 2019, I thought it was a good idea to recap the year. Last year on New Years Eve, I did that in my journal and I enjoyed having to reflect on the past year – the good, the bad, the okay and the funny. I still plan on doing […]

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Enjoy the time with family and friends, the excuse to eat as bad as you want, the gifts you got and all the traditions that have been in your family And if you don’t celebrate it, well hope you have a good Wednesday. I know that its been […]

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Where Have I Been?

If you go back to my last blog post, you would see that it was posted on September 18th 2019. That was over 3 weeks ago. Thing is, I am full time student with 5 courses who commutes, takes part in  extra-curricular activities and  volunteer at an organisation. Oh and there’s the applying for new […]

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Three Score and Ten

I remember growing up and hearing that if you were to live till 70 years old, you’re lucky. It was called three score and ten, which added up to 70. I believe it’s a Christian thing since it came from the Bible, but I’m not a pro at that so don’t quote me. And in […]

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Calling Canada Home

A key in an opened door

When I moved to Canada three years ago, little did I know that it would have become my second home. I was born and raised in St. Lucia, living there for 19 years. That is what I called home for all those years and I never once thought that another place would have been able […]

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A Scarf in August

I feel like we all buy things that we do not necessarily need. Either we buy it because its on sale, we want to add to our collection or we convince ourselves that there is a use for it one day. And don’t you lie to yourself. I know you’re guilty of it. So tonight […]

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Kind Words from a Stranger

People at an airport waiting

People always say that Canadians are really nice people. Well I can confirm that is true. When I was a travelling noob, what someone told me stuck with me ever since. Don’t worry, it was not an insult, it was assuring. I was travelling from Toronto to St. Lucia in August 2016. I had spent […]

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Its Okay to Cry

A girl crying with her hands on her eyes.

An hour ago, as I laid down writing in my journal, I started crying. And it made me realize that its completely okay to cry. No one should judge you because you feel sad or make you feel old. Thing is, we are all humans. Its part of us to cry. It happens. The same […]

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From Enemies to Besties

It’s that time of year where I normally go see my dentist. I usually go in January and August for my semi-annual check-ups and cleaning.  She’s warned me over and over again that I am more prone to cavities so I need to be very careful, and this is why I take it seriously. I […]

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Opening Up with Others

People in a meeting discussing something

I am a private person. I have a really hard time opening up to others, and letting them get to know me for me. And it usually takes me a while to be able to share my deepest darkest secrets. Not that I have any. So when I created this blog, I had absolutely no […]

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