Trying to make a (Caribbean) fruit cake in Canada

Unless you are from the Caribbean or have been there during the Christmas time, you don’t really understand the hype with fruit cake. It also goes by black cake, Caribbean fruit cake and rum cake. And within each Caribbean island it slightly differs with the way someone does it but a few things stay the […]

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Caribbean Food I Love and Miss

This is a photo of the Caribbean. And if it isn’t that obvious, there are lots of islands. Not just the well-known ones such as Jamaica, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Cuba or Bahamas. I can bet there are some you have never heard of before. The only reason why I am putting this out there is […]

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A Rant About the Banana- Battle

A girl trying to sleep

So I was just reading an article for an essay thats due tomorrow. And yes I know I am a procrastinator. So boohoo. Thats not the point of this post. Its that it fucking pissed me off and I need to rant now. And because I won’t be able to say what I want to […]

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Last Month of University Starts Now

My last month of university starts from today, 9th March 2020. I still have exams in April, but last month of university in terms of classes to go back. Only 4 weeks of class left before I am done. And for me thats a big thing because for the first time in my life, when […]

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Weekly Recap: Time to Get My Sh*t Together

So I have been back in Canada for like 3 days, and I think its officially time for me to start getting my shit together. If you’re a bit lost, I spent a few weeks in the Caribbean, came back on Wednesday night and went back to school on Thursday. I know, it was a […]

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Starting to Regret My Decision

Throughout the day, the only things I kept on thinking were “Why did I come back?” and “I regret coming back“. Just to catch up from my last post, I arrived back in Canada on Wednesday night and before that, I was in the Caribbean. So I basically left the warm tropical weather of 30C […]

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Leaving is the Hardest Part

Today my grandmother told me that every time I tell the doggie I’m leaving (because I am the type of person who speaks to her dog), it makes her sad. And honestly, I didn’t have a response to that. Because leaving is always the hardest part. Just to make it less confusing, I came to […]

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Calling Canada Home

A key in an opened door

When I moved to Canada three years ago, little did I know that it would have become my second home. I was born and raised in St. Lucia, living there for 19 years. That is what I called home for all those years and I never once thought that another place would have been able […]

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Caribbean Night Time Routine

Night time with some trees

I thought it would be an interesting idea to do a Caribbean Night Time routine before I left. The way I spend my nights here are completely different to what I do when I am in Canada. But I also want to remember it. So here goes. 6PM-7 PM This is when I start closing […]

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Fresh Fruit Juice

A lemon tree with tons of lemons

Having a cold glass of fresh fruit juice on a hot day, is a complete godsend. I kid you not. It’s the best thing ever. Being in the Caribbean, you have so much access to fresh fruit around you. Mostly everyone has some fruit tree around their house, and if they don’t, their neighbour has […]

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