Starting to Regret My Decision

Throughout the day, the only things I kept on thinking were “Why did I come back?” and “I regret coming back“.

Just to catch up from my last post, I arrived back in Canada on Wednesday night and before that, I was in the Caribbean. So I basically left the warm tropical weather of 30C to go back to the cold of -6C plus windchill. And before you make fun of me, yes that is cold seeing that I just came back from the Caribbean where I was for a whole month. So my body is not used to the cold yet. Give it a week to re-adjust.

Normal people would usually take the day off after traveling to get back to the real world and sometimes you’re tired. Unfortunately, I am a dumbass and had class on Thursday evening. So basically I woke up confused, called my grandmother to catch up and then got ready to go to school. Normally, my classes are a bit later on Thursdays, but since I had to go see an advisor about something [because I had just arrived back], needed to leave earlier.

Everything felt different and unfamiliar. All the layers to be dressed up warm, plus the cold and commuting from point A to point B, I was not happy. It wasn’t fun. My bad spending habits have already started again,[ I bought Starbucks], I was hungry during my class and on the way home, missed my connecting bus and had to walk again in the cold.

Thats why all throughout the day, I just kept on questioning my decision to come back. I was miserable and I miss home and my doggie. And did not like the weather.

But then I started to look at the good things that happened. I got some hope with my advisor, got to see a friend and then found out that I have quite a few friends in my Thursday class. And most importantly, I don’t have class on Fridays so I get to sleep in and 3-day weekends are the best.

No matter what I go through and how rough a day could be, I try to always look for one good thing that happened. Because I feel like sometimes we tend to forget the good things and only focus on the bad.

Anyway, thats my ramblings for tonight.

PS. If you’re wondering [not that you are] I have not unpacked. Everything is a mess on my bedroom floor because I needed some things and I had no time. Hopefully I get to it, in the next few days.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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