Last Day Home

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Its actually really sad admitting that its my last day home, since the day went by so quickly. Will admit that it was partly because I woke up at 12pm, which I do not recommend, but I was exhausted and needed the rest so that’s okay. It was a good day, so I am happy about that, though its bitter sweet that its my last day here for a while.

My flight leaves in about 12 hours, but I do have to be at the airport 2 hours before and I have checked-in online already, so hopefully it does not take long. I am not fully packed yet, but that’s okay because all the important things are already there and just I need to put in some stuff last minute. I am hoping that I do not forget anything since I would be screwed. I cannot easily go back to get it so I need to remember everything important. I am not the type of person who is prepared way in advance, nor am I the very last minute packer. I’m more of an in-between person and that helps with the stress and anxiety that comes with travelling. But there are always things out of your control.

I will admit that I did not start packing until 8pm. Mostly because I did not want to, but I also had other things to take care of. I ended up finish packing and cleaning my room at midnight, which is a bit late for normal people, but thats a me thing.

Today my doggie got a bath, so he’s a very clean boy right now. And, he got a new collar and leash because it’s the time of year. Lets just say he is ready to get ladies and take on the world. Fun fact his neck was so small that the collar was too big for him. Thankfully my grandfather was there to help me make an hole in it so that it could get it to fit him properly, so crisis averted. He also got his last walk which was pretty emotional for me.

Dogs are smart, so he knows that I am leaving. He was there when I was getting my luggage out, and he was sad seeing that. He’s seen me leave so many times before so he knows what it means. He also ended up getting one of my teddy bears that I had in the living room and he is obsessed with it. He would not let it go for anyone. It was so adorable watching.

A dog holding a teddy bear

I also ended up going to my cousins’ place because I wanted to drop off a piece of cake for them and return their cake pans that I borrowed. I wanted to ensure that it reached safe and in a timely manner so I made sure I went over there tonight. I also got to see little miss Sophie, which is my 2-year old cousin, adorable and troublesome. She was so sad to see me go, which tends to happen, every time I leave. Its cute but sad.

Even though I have been here for about 11 weeks, I’m not really ready to leave yet. But I’ve realized you can never really be ready, especially when you enjoy where you are . I understand not liking it and wanting to leave, but that’s not the case. I do not want to leave. But I have to.

Also part of my new anxieties is that there is a tropical storm, which may turn into a hurricane by Tuesday and it will be affecting here. It is scary going through a hurricane, but it is even scarier having family go through it when you are away. So I am hoping and praying that this system weakens. Caribbean islands are not able to sustain hurricanes as well as developed places.

Hopefully I have a safe flight and that everything goes okay.


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