January 2020 Memories

I cannot be the only one who feels like January went by in the blink of an eye. I swear the year just started. But I guess, we’re onto the next month now.

Here are a few of the things I remembered happening during January.

  • I traveled back to Canada, like I have mentioned lots and lots of times before, and I won’t get into again. But if you’re interested, I will leave a link at the bottom.
  • I started my last first day of school [2 weeks in late] in January. This is my last term of my undergrad and I am graduating in June [fingers crossed]
  • My grandmother turned 65 years old and my cousin 11 years old. January is filled with a lot of birthdays.
  • The guy that I went on a date with December ended things with me.
  • I read The Friendzone by Abby Jimenez. This year I have been really trying to get back into reading and I am proud of myself for starting and finishing a book this month

In terms of mental health, its been hard. January is a bit of a hard time for me, having to go from being with my grandparents in the Caribbean to living with my mom in Canada. I go from a tropical vacation to the cold and dreary of winter. So far, the adjustment’s been okay,and I am hoping it gets better and not worse.

In case you want to catch up, this is what I posted throughout the month:

Not gonna lie, I am actually really proud of myself for the amount that I posted this month. I thought with school starting back again that wasn’t going to happen.


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