April 2020 Memories

It’s been a while. I took an unexpected break from my blog. I love sharing my thoughts and hearing from others. So I didn’t want to force myself to do something I love. And now we are at the end of April. The biggest thing that happened was that I finished university. Woohooo!!!! I completed […]

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Reminding Myself that its Okay

I really try to be grateful and not complain but I need to. All today I have been saying confidently that I am not submitting my assignment tonight. That I am going to submit it later. But the thing is, its not that I am proud of that. Its that I am trying to convince […]

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Looking Forward to Good Friday

Holding a drink in a backyard

There’s something about this time of year that makes it special to me. I was born and raised Catholic, and by no means am I a religious person. But I respect and value religion because it is a part of how I was raised. For me this time of year is about god, not about […]

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Trying to do Finals with Depression

I’ve been very open about struggling emotionally and with my depression around what’s going on. And its come to the point where my depression is so bad that it is going to affect how I complete, not only the school year but my undergrad. And it hurts thinking about that. I know that other people […]

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Missing Him on His Birthday

Lit Candles on Cupcakes

My uncle would have turned 42 years today. But he’s dead and wasn’t able to experience it [not that there is anything he is missing] I’m going to be honest, its been a rough day for me. Its almost 10 months since he died and it still hurts. I still miss him. And till you […]

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March 2020 Memories

Today was the first time in over a week that I went outside. And it was only to go pick up pizza that we ordered for dinner. Also, it was the first time in a few days, that in real clothes and not pyjamas because thats what my life is lately. Sleeping too much, doing […]

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