February 2021 Memories

I usually love doing monthly recaps but this month, I’m not loving it.

I spent the beginning of this month editing a paper to send to someone. Its a micro-insurance paper which I wrote for one of my classes in my final year of university that I am now in the process of getting published in an undergraduate journal. After I sent that to my editor, I was brain dead, took some time off to relax and then got exposed to covid. After being the only one who tested negative in the house, I then got kicked out to self-isolate at a hotel. And this is how I spent the 2nd half of the month. Thankfully it ends on March 2nd and I get out on the 3rd. I talked about my isolation experience more in a series of posts Days 0-1, Days 2-4, Days 5-8.

You would think being stuck in isolation for those 2 weeks you would actually get shit done, but for me it wasn’t like that. I wasn’t motivated to do anything except sleep, read, play my switch and watch youtube/netflix. I finished Fate:The Winx Saga, which I really enjoyed and season 1 of New Amsterdam. Like usual i continued with Below Deck. The game I have been playing is Summer in Mara which I have enjoyed.

I read a lot this month, but I don’t remember how many books. I usually write them in a notebook, but I don’t have that notebook with me, so let’s hope I remember them all:

  • Broken Prince by Erin Watt (The Royals #2)
  • Twisted Palace by Erin Watt (The Royals #3)
  • A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey
  • Man in Charge by Laurelin Paige (Man in Charge Duet #1)
  • Man in Love by Laurelin Paige (Man in Charge Duet #2)
  • The Initiation by Nikki Sloane (Filthy Rich Americans #1)
  • The Obsession by Nikki Sloane (Filthy Rich Americans #1)

When February started, I wanted to challenge myself with those journal prompts. Unfortunately, I had way too much going on, so I stopped. But I will try to fill out all the answers and post them because I think it would be nice.

This month I received rejections for the 3 jobs I applied to. Such a confidence booster. Am I right? At least I have not received rejections for grad school yet. I think that one would break me. Though the other night I decided to go on grad cafe and kind of have a little panic about being rejected.

The good news is that the econ department at my (previous) school covered the cost for me to attend and present at the National Council of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) Conference in April. And I am really grateful for that.

In case you want to catch up, this is what I posted throughout the month:

This monthly recap is short because nothing really happened.


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