A Month of Love: Journal Prompts for February| Day 1

Earlier today I came across a post on Zoella.com with 28 journal prompts to help practice gratitude. I thought I would share it on my blog in case there are people who might be interested. Plus if you ever wanted to learn how to get into journaling, these are great prompts to help you get started. They are short and do not take that much thinking.

I tried to put all the prompts in an image. Not very good at it, so please don’t judge too hard.

This month, I am going to challenge myself to complete each prompt. I might either do a blog post for each prompt of combine a few. I think it is going to interesting and help me see the positives rather than the negatives.

Day 1: One thing you look forward to in the morning:

Whether I wake up early or late, morning or afternoon, I always look forward to a cup of coffee. I don’t need the caffeine to wake up. I enjoy dark roast coffee, with a bit of coconut milk and sugar. I don’t like my coffee very creamy with no strong coffee taste. I also love having me time in the morning, before anyone bothers me and I start getting things done.

If you are going to attempt it these journal prompts, I would like to know. And if you are going to share in blog post form, also let me know so I can read them.


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10 thoughts on “A Month of Love: Journal Prompts for February| Day 1

  1. That’s such a good idea. I’m with you on starting the day with a hot beverage…. my day does not begin until I’ve had a hot orange pekoe tea, ideally steeped tea from Tims.

    Tims may have gone downhill over the years but I still like their steeped tea! 😋

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    1. On those cold days where I do not want to get up but have to, having something hot to drink makes it feel better.

      Sometimes buying it tastes better than when you do it. I don’t know why but it does.

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      1. I completely agree that store-bought tastes better. Even if it’s the same coffee beans or tea bags! Steeped tea is made using a coffee machine so the taste is rich and bold. When I try making steeped tea at home, it has the aftertaste of coffee….

        I would like to get a separate coffee maker just for steeped tea but it’s easier to buy the steeped tea. I’ve been using gift cards and rewards points to get free drinks all of January and will continue doing that during February as well 😋

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      2. ahhh maybe you should get a separate machine for steeped tea if its something that you drink often. No one wants that coffee aftertaste.
        Fun fact; I have never had steeped tea. Not really a big fan of teas.

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      3. There’s not enough kitchen space in our tiny apartment 😭 I recommend trying steeped tea at least once from Tims. It’s got such a richer, bolder flavor than regular tea. I didn’t think I would like it until the day I tried it. I’ve been hooked ever since! 🤗

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      4. Makes sense. You would not be back there so often if it wasn’t good. I’ll keep that in mind whenever I’m near tim hortons.

        Can I just say, the pandemic has kind of stopped my habit of buying coffees and food. It has been a while

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      5. Tim Hortons is literally a few feet away from where I live. It’s so convenient for me to walk there and get Steeped Tea due to the location. Their rewards program has given me even more incentive to go there. I don’t really recommend anything else on their menu since the quality has gone downhill since Burger King took over.

        I get what you are saying; tbh I haven’t been to MCDs since the pandemic started and I used to go there quite often to get their coffee. Now I just make MCDs coffee at home. Not quite the same experience but much cheaper. ☕💕

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