Quarantine Diaries Days 2, 3 & 4

9 more days to go. And yes, I have been counting them because I am ready to be out of here.

Day 3

My sleeping struggles continued and I pretty much napped the entire afternoon away. Had a headache and felt sluggish and I think thats from not having caffeine the previous day and struggling to sleep.

That day I planned to do coffee, but my milk was frozen. I don’t know whats up with the fridge in the room, but it freezes my stuff. And with my box of milk being ice, and it finally waking up at 4pm, I ordered starbucks via ubereats. And spending $14 on coffee hurt my soul. It was a bit of a treat, since it has been months since I had Starbucks.

With waking up at 4pm, I had breakfast at 4pm. While most people are about to have dinner, here I am having breakfast. A heavy one. In the night, I had lunch and dinner to choose from, both of them I didn’t really want. I am not a big eater and not used to having 3 meals a day, and I feel like I have been wasting a lot of food. I try to put a plate I might not eat in the fridge, but it freezer and I never end up eating it.

The dumb thing I did that day was accidentally putting foil in the microwave. All I wanted to do was warm my breakfast burrito, and my dumbass did not realize that there was foil on the inside, and so there was a bit of a fire in the microwave. It was only about 5 seconds, but it scared the living shit out of me.

Day 4

This time, I learned that I needed to put my milk to thaw out. So I did that, but the coffee machine in the room wasn’t working. I tried boiling some water in the microwave to do some instant coffee, and good god that was the most disgusting thing ever. And I do not know why. But i also did not want to order coffee again but its just too expensive. So this time, I figured, ok I will just get a bottle of pre-made iced coffee via instant cart. Smart right? It would solve all my problems. Well, it tasted like water. I am on of those weird people who loves strong coffee, but that bottled coffee was gross. I really should have taken cold brew instead. But I bought it and I am going to drink it especially when I do not have any option. Ohh and I also grabbed a bottle of coconut cream with that order since I needed a $10 minimum from Real Canadian Superstore.

Sleep? What is she? I did not do that on Day 4. Kid you not, some days, I will sleep my entire day away and, some times, I cannot sleep. And day 4 was a not sleeping day.

That day I played my switch. I have never been more grateful for it. But I have realized, once I am on it, I refuse to get off it. The other day I bought this game called Summer in Mara and I am really enjoying it.

Day 5

It was one of the days where I slept my entire day away. Slept so much that I slept through a video call I had. It was a group meeting, so didn’t waste anyone’s time. I planned to attend since it was at 3pm. I woke up, saw it was 3:08pm and went back to bed. Could not care less.

Obviously, my coffee situation is still a problem but I drank the watery tasting coffee I bought. At this point, its keeping the caffeine headaches away which is all a girl wants.

Basically all thats happened is that my sleep is the shittiest thing ever, I love playing my switch and I am drinking watery coffee to keep the headaches away.

Some part of me feels like I have been counting this wrong and the day I entered should have been day 0, but whatever.


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5 thoughts on “Quarantine Diaries Days 2, 3 & 4

  1. I’m wondering if you managed to get an eye mask and earplugs? Have you had any relief from the noise/lack of white noise in the hotel? Do you take melatonin supplements? I recommend taking a low dose to help reset your sleep schedule/circadian rhythm.

    I’m sorry that you are feeling miserable. Tbh I wouldn’t mind 14 days at a hotel. I’ve stayed at a hotel in Calgary for an entire week before and actually enjoyed it, but I had access to their pool. I guess being confined to one room is a lot less fun. As for $14 Starbucks drinks – Yikes! That’s way too expensive in my opinion. It would be cheaper to buy a chilled Starbucks drink from a grocery store (the kind that comes in those glass bottles).

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    1. Even though I may not sleep fully during the night. I will just nap during the day. its not like I have anything to do. Staying at a hotel does not bother me. It is being stuck in a room for 14 days that’s torture.

      Its not fully starbucks’ fault that the drink is $14. I agree that is wayyyy too expensive. My go to order there is $7. No that does not make it better. But whenever you order with those food delivery companies, there are so many fees- delivery, taxes, service fee, small order fee, tips. And that is how I reach at $14. Unfortunately, those in the glass bottles have dairy which I can’t drink, so that’s not an option for me.


  2. Over summer, I read this book called “Girl In Pieces”, and your book really reminded me of it ahhaha. Your life is so interesting, I could never. And I feel you, I have a lot of sleeping issues too, I hope you were able to overcome them though ❤ Also totally relatable to sleep through meetings! Loved this.

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    1. I’m happy to hear you loved this. I swear my life is not that interesting. I just either get myself in trouble or do dumb things.
      Good to know there’s someone out there sleeping through meetings too


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