Quarantine Diaries – Days 5-8

Fun fact, I am referencing my daily journal while writing this because the days are all starting to blend together.

I remember watching one of Monica Church’s vlogs and she made a comment along the longs of how easy it becomes for us to adapt to new environments. She used the example about having to remember to refill a Brita every night in her new house since her fridge did not dispense water. And now its part of her daily routine. She is right. At the time that I am writing this, I have been stuck here for over a week and I have gotten used to this quarantine life. I am stuck in this hotel room, with a freaking jaccuzi in the middle of the room that is out of order, and my stuff everything. I have gotten used to having watered coffee every day as well as the food and nurse check-in knocks. I have gotten used to my mother and (paternal) grandmother calling me all the time, while lying to my maternal grandmother. I have gotten used to the fridge that freezes my stuff overnight. Whatever annoyed me at the beginning, I have just learnt how to deal with it. My sleep in not better. I just wake take my food or speak to the nurse or go back to bed, sleeping until I am ready to wake up. I ensure that I have thawed out my juice so I could drink but also have a ginger ale just in case. I try to time the calls I make to my grandmother before the nurses come and if they are passing while we are speaking, I just put her on mute so the knock can go away. See I got this.

Day 5 – 21st February 2021

I got a 2nd covid test. You would think for someone who already had it, it would be better. Nope. It was actually worse. The first time I did it, was through the drive through and the nurse counted to 10. This time, I was standing in the hallway, she did not count, and I kind of tensed up (stopped breathing) which made it last even longer. Basically, that shit burned. Why does no one ever say it burns?

That day was also hair wash day. I am not a fan of wash day just because of how detailed it is (so that my hair can be healthy). So I dreaded having to do it here. I did not have all my products with my, so my options were limited. The bathtub is a bit smaller and slippery, which is no fun. My hair was not behaving that day (it was very dry-ish and felt weird) and I don’t know if it was the water or not deep conditioning my hair. Also not having many styling to choose from, it was a bit difficult. And because I decided to curl my hair that day, there was no diffuser to dry it. Obviously, I went to bed with slightly damp hair.

That day, I finally understand why my mom always complains after I wash my hair. It was every where.

Day 6 – 22nd February 2021

I spent that day reading. And i know this is the nerdiest thing someone can do. But hey. Thats who I am.

That night, I threw away the dinner I was given. Before you judge me, hear me out. When I first came, I got a list of options and had to choose. Some I knew I would eat. Others were new to me – either I hadn’t had it before or never heard of it. I am a very picky eater, but I am also willing to try something new as long as its not something I dont like – peppers, onions, cauliflower, olives. That night, the food I was given I did not choose. Rice with cauliflower. I know myself. There is nothing wrong with it, I am not a fan of rice and do not like cauliflower. So instead I threw it away. Yes, I felt bad. Yes, I know I wasted food. Yes, I know I am privileged. But I know myself and knew I wasn’t going to eat.

Being here, I get fed way more than I eat in a day. And since I had lunch around 5pm, I was still filled and was okay not forcing myself to have dinner.

Day 7 – 23rd February 2021

Covid results came back. It was negative. Again. Not surprising because I had no symptoms,

I discovered that I liked chilli. Before being here, I never had chilli. But I chose it as one of my meals and I ended up liking it. For lunch on fridays, its vegan chilli with sweet potatoes, chick peas and peppers. And I surprisingly, enjoyed it way more than the beef chilli that is served on monday for lunch

Day 8 – 24th February 2021

Unknowing to me, my mom called the isolation place I am staying at to find out when I am leaving. I was very surprised. One moment I am on my bed playing my switch, the next I am speaking to someone downstairs saying that they just spoke to my mom. If you can’t tell, my mom wants me back home. The person on the phone explained to me that if I really had to go home, I can since they cannot keep me against my will and that my discharge date is March 3rd.

As much as its easy to think I can leave because I can, I spoke to the night nurse. She explained that with both my tests being negative, it is recommended for me to finish my full 14 days, since they could monitor my symptoms if I do get in those last few days. She repeated that it is voluntary and they can’t keep me here if I don’t want to. And the reason why my discharge date is March 3rd is because isolation ends March 2nd at 11:59pm.

Once again that night I did not eat the food. I thought I ordered something with chicken but instead I got rice with cauliflower, peppers and possibly zucchini. I feel bad though.

We are close to the end!!!


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