Quarantine Diaries – Day 0 &1

Since I am stuck isolating for 2 weeks at a hotel, I figured why not just post my experience. Though I should warn you that it might just be me complaining. If you are kind of confused about why my mom tested positive for covid, I tested negative and its just safer for me to be out of the house. I explained what’s been going a bit more here.

Day 0

I packed all the stuff I needed for 2 weeks and came to this hotel. Unfortunately, laundry isn’t available so I had to bring clothes to last me 14 days. Thankfully most of it is pyjamas. Also brought all my toiletries, and being a a curly haired girl, I have a lot of shit – toothbrush, toothpaste, floss picks, body wash, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in condition, curl cream, comb, brush, hair ties, hair towel, face moisturizer, vitamins, medication, deodorant, body lotion.

If might be wondering whether these things should be provided at a hotel, I don’t know. When I came, the bathroom was empty. Plus, I use particular products, so I wouldn’t want to be stuck with it.

I brought a few food items like yogurt, juice and bottled water, because I didn’t know what they were offering.

I also brought all my electronics – laptop, ipad, phone, kindle and switch, along with my journaling stuff and chargers. I am going to be stuck in this room for the next 2 weeks, so might as well do what I normally do.

There are a ton of outlets, which are always needed, a fridge, microwave and a tv in the room. I do not really watch tv so that stays off.

Even though I am stuck here, people can drop off things for me, which is then brought to my door. So I had my mom bring in my big blanket because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep with theirs. No offence to it, it was too thin and kind of creeped me out. I found a hair on it.

Day 1

If there is something you should know about me, it is that I have trouble sleeping. And over the years, I have kind of developed a routine to help me stay asleep. An important part of that routine is a fan that I keep on next to my head while I am sleeping, even in the dead of winter. With the thin walls, it blocks out the noise. I did not have that fan, so guess what I did not sleep properly.

Add in that the curtains do not fully shut, so there is light coming in, which is reflecting on a mirror in the room, the room is not dark. I am used to sleeping in the dark. And so I was struggling to sleep.

I am terrified of loud, sudden noises. It is a past trauma that I live with daily, but here it is 1000x worse. I am not blaming them for it. I am just the fucked out one. Basically when they drop food at the door for you, they loudly knock on it to let you know that it is there. The problem is that not only can you hear your knock, you hear everyone else around you. The same thing happens when the nurse comes to check on you. So I get woken up this knock, which scares the living shit out of me, and hear it several times during the day. I am not blaming the knock or the people.

If you can’t figure it out, my sleep was trash. And I think it is going to be like that until I get back home.

I am kind of a bit sad that we don’t get coffee. We get juice with breakfast, and a ginger ale for dinner and lunch. But no coffee. And I am used to something warm when I get up like coffee. There is a coffee machine, but no coffees, or teas. Thankfully you can order things via apps, so I ordered a Tim Hortons, Iced Mocha on DoorDash and that was a mistake because it was gross. Just way to sweet for me, I did not like it. (basically I can’t use uber eats until I upgrade the OS on my phone). Since I really don’t want to be buying coffee, I got my mom to send me my coconut milk, coffee grinds, and sugar, so I could use the coffee machine. Lets hope it works because I loved my dark roast brewed coffee. Thats what I have been drinking for the past year.

The one weird thing I have noticed is that there seems to be police cars always parked in the parking lot. For most people, thats fine, whatever. But I am afraid of police, and it really freaks me out and makes me feel uncomfortable. Especially when its facing my window. Its like 2:20am when I am writing this, and there is this car parked with its lights on facing my window. Which also doesnt help with me trying to go to bed.


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3 thoughts on “Quarantine Diaries – Day 0 &1

  1. Have you tried using an eye mask and earplugs? I need to have complete silence and darkness in order to fall asleep. You can find eye masks (I call them eye shields because idk what they are called) from Dollarama. The earplugs I use are industrial 3M. Even then, I still have a hard time sleeping because I have tinnitus which is constant ringing in my right ear.

    Before I sleep, I take a melatonin/magnesium supplement on nights where I need to try and sleep. I find that pills do not work so I use a powder that I add to water. I also deal with insomnia and understand how difficult it can be to sleep, especially in less-than-ideal environments.

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    1. I can relate to needing complete silence and darkness to fall asleep. I used to have a clock in my room that always ticked which annoyed the life out of me. I have never used sleeping masks or earplugs. I just use black-out curtains which works wonders, but I don’t think earplugs would work because I need to answer when the nurses knock.

      I also take gummy melatonin. I have been taking 2.5 mg for a while. Yes I could increase it, but I don’t think its needed yet.


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