Grad school, information package and a mystery

Lately, I have been considering whether or not I want to attend grad school next year, and if so where and what I would study. So imagine my surprise today getting an information package from the school I am most interested in. And here’s the thing I do not remember giving them my address.

Seeing that in the mail made my day because I did not expect it. Who doesn’t love getting mail. Plus someone wrote my name and address on the package which makes it even more memorable.

I’m still wondering where they got my address. I did not go to school there for undergrad, nor did I apply there. I have also never been to an event hosted by them. The only thing that comes to mind is eventbrite because that is where I signed up for the information session. But I also don’t remember giving them my address. But also why should they send me an information package for one program and not the other.

Should I be worried and paranoid? Am I overthinking like usual? Is this payback for asking about their lack of diversity? I guess its a mystery I will never solve.


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5 thoughts on “Grad school, information package and a mystery

  1. The heart wants what the heart wants. Interesting that you didn’t apply there. Do you know what you want to study in grad school? I ended up not applying for grad school because my GPA was wasn’t high enough, so I took more undergrad courses to increase my GPA. Still didn’t end up going to grad school because it wasn’t what my heart wanted – I ended up disappointing my parents but I think I made the right decision in the end!

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    1. Well I haven’t applied yet but I have decided to. I am interested in economic programs, particularly financial economics as well as a risk management program.

      My 3rd year was bad for mental health reasons and I did better in my 4th year. I am hoping that my grades are good enough for grad school but its hard to tell when my school uses the weirdest grading system. I heard that the grad school I’m interested in said grades would not be the main thing so hopefully I do get in.

      You said it, the heart wants what it wants. So its okay if it was not something that you wanted to do. Hopefully, your parents respect that.

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      1. Funny how we both had bad 3rd years at uni. With my first degree I also bombed 3rd year. What is up with 3rd year? Perhaps it could be the peak of burnout for students 🤔 For mental health reasons, I ended up getting a cat after failing out of school in Spring 2019 (I’m back in school now and off of probation). He’s a pretty chill cat and he helps a lot with anxiety and depression. I’m tempted to get another cat.

        I have yet to prove to my parents that I can graduate and get a job, which is another story. I’ve been so stressed out about applying for jobs that I haven’t a clue where to begin. I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately. I guess it’s better to face the difficult thing than to run away from it, whether that’s applying for jobs, going to grad school etc.

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      2. I think the cold winter can mess up term. That 3rd year, it was a bad one. Every week seemed to have a storm or it was freezing going to classes as a commuter. And my mental health was so bad that I was anxious about writing exams and depressed to even get out of bed. I almost thought of dropping all my classes.

        You’re lucky to have your cat. I’m jealous. I agree with you that pets can help with your anxiety and depression a lot. Also, a bestie to speak to and annoy.

        Honestly, applying for jobs is so overwhelming and discourage unless you have a connection or its in-demand job. So I get procrastinating because I do it as well.


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