I Met My Half-Sister Today

A few weeks ago I made a post saying that I found my half-sister on Facebook. Well today I met her.

So on Friday she reached out to me saying that she would be in Toronto for the weekend and whether or not I was interested in meeting her. After I got over the shock of the message, I replied saying that it be nice. Since she stayed in downtown Toronto and I don’t really know there that much, I asked her if she would not mind coming to the city I live in, which is just outside Toronto. And this afternoon, we met up at the mall.

Doing that, part of me was anxious (obviously) but I was also scared that she would hate me. It takes me a while to open up and it is a hit or miss for other people when they judge me and not give me a chance. So obviously I felt that way, but she wasn’t. It wasn’t an awkward situation after you get past the first 5 minutes.

I was just standing in the mall on my phone away from the crowds (because I don’t like people) and her mom was the one who recognized me. I would not have known they were the people I was meeting because I don’t remember them, but her mom remembered me even after all these years. Even one of her brothers (my half-sister’s half brother) remembered me.

I think it was her mom who asked her to reach out. I guess if it wasn’t for her that would never had happened and she wants us to keep in touch.

We had poutine (that sounds like such a Canadian thing to say) and talked and walked around the mall. Can I just say it feels so weird walking around the mall? I don’t understand how people enjoy spending their time there because they have nothing to do.

I guess they are still in contact with my father here and there, but not his mom/my grandmother, which is the opposite for me because I am close with her. My grandmother did not know that I was meeting them and honestly I am not sure if I should even say anything. All this time I thought she was, but its not so. I guess she will be surprised if any photos on Facebook.

I guess she’s like me and doesn’t know that side of her family.

I enjoyed meeting them. I don’t regret it because they were really nice people. And I hope that we keep in touch. I guess I have a sister now. So weird. If there is one thing 2020 brought, it was a sister.


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3 thoughts on “I Met My Half-Sister Today

  1. Before you posted the blog post about finding out you had a half sister, I actually had a dream that you had a sister. I wondered if you were an only child like me (only children are hard to find). I wish I had siblings, even if they were distant half siblings. You are lucky.

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