I’ve Graduated. Now What?

Last Thursday, I finally got my diploma. Now it really feels like I have graduated. I would show you my diploma, but it is still in the box that it came in, and I feel lazy. And since I paid for it to come with the frame, it is heavy, fragile and very pretty. I […]

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The Day I Have Been Looking Forward To – Reading Week 2020

A girl trying to sleep

The clock has struck midnight and its officially February 14th. Its valentines day and some people are celebrating something special, be it a birthday or anniversary. I am just happy because reading week has officially started for me. I don’t have classes on Fridays this term and neither do have to go to the office […]

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Leaving is the Hardest Part

Today my grandmother told me that every time I tell the doggie I’m leaving (because I am the type of person who speaks to her dog), it makes her sad. And honestly, I didn’t have a response to that. Because leaving is always the hardest part. Just to make it less confusing, I came to […]

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The Last Two Weeks

Holding a drink in a backyard

[August 8th 2019] I’m writing this, sitting in my balcony with Chocolate next to me. Right now all that is going through my head, is how much I am going to miss this place when I leave. I only have two more weeks left before I have to go back to Canada. And if I […]

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