I miss my dog!!!

I planned to do a post about something else today, but instead ended up going through my photos from when I was back at my grandparents. And I miss my dog. I am not trying to complain but I really do miss him. He lives with my grandparents in St.Lucia and the last time I […]

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Last Month of University Starts Now

My last month of university starts from today, 9th March 2020. I still have exams in April, but last month of university in terms of classes to go back. Only 4 weeks of class left before I am done. And for me thats a big thing because for the first time in my life, when […]

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The Best Birthday Gift Ever

A bunch of wrapped presents

Growing up, my birthday was the one time of the year that I always got presents. My family was not big on Christmas presents, though I got something here and there. But whenever it came to my birthday, I would always get a few things. Being an only child, spoilt I may add, I got […]

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