I Survived a Networking Event

In my last post, I briefly mentioned being scared to go to networking events. Well today, I can officially say that I survived attending a hiring/networking event. Woohoo This event was put on by a huge insurance firm in Canada and targeted towards actuarial students. If you did not know, I am an economics student, […]

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Recruitment Season

It never really crossed my mind that recruitment season for new graduate jobs began a whole year in advance. Obviously you can start you search when you actually graduate, but I’ve realized that most people try to start months before so that by the time they graduate they already have a job lined up. And […]

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11th August 2019

A girl trying to sleep

Today’s been a rough one for me. I barely slept last night and I had no coffee today, which is not a fun combination. And even when I tried to take a nap, that didn’t work, because naps seem to hate me. So I got to spend it yawning over and over and over again. […]

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