It has been an interesting night

The past half hour has been an interesting one. I’m just laying on my bed, reading and I suddenly hear a knock. Sounds common right? Except that its after 7pm, I did not expect anyone, its dark and I am the only one in the house. But I decided to answer it anyway. He said […]

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The Reason I am Afraid of Police

Sometimes the stories that are the hardest to tell are the ones that we need to share. These stories can shape our lives and our minds, and the only way to move on is to talk about it. When I shared that story for that the time last year on my instagram it felt like […]

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Travel + Anxiety

Someone crouched down crying

I had this intention to write about how good my day was since I spent it with my grandfather. But instead I’m crying and filled with anxiety at 11PM on a Monday night. So I’m going to talk about that instead. If you have anxiety, you understand how it affects you and what triggers it. […]

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