July 2020 Memories

Its just one of those days where I am fighting with my ipad. For some reason it shows all my files on icloud have disappeared while its still there on my phone and laptop. So not sure whats going on with it. But its also the end of July which means my monthly recap. This […]

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Moving to Canada: Now and Then

People at an airport waiting

This is my 100th post. Wooohoooooo. Perfect timing. Today (June 28th 2015) marks 5 years since I moved to Canada. And its so interesting to look back to see how much life has changed and how much I have changed in those 5 years. Unlike other people, I had it easy. Since my mom was […]

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Puppies!!! Puppies Everywhere!!!

Today while going through my photos, I came across a few photos that made me smile. I posted it on instagram, but wanted to share it here as well. My grandfather owns a farm, where there are dogs. And one of those dogs, gave birth to puppies. So guess who was in puppy heaven playing […]

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Looking Forward to Good Friday

Holding a drink in a backyard

There’s something about this time of year that makes it special to me. I was born and raised Catholic, and by no means am I a religious person. But I respect and value religion because it is a part of how I was raised. For me this time of year is about god, not about […]

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Missing Him on His Birthday

Lit Candles on Cupcakes

My uncle would have turned 42 years today. But he’s dead and wasn’t able to experience it [not that there is anything he is missing] I’m going to be honest, its been a rough day for me. Its almost 10 months since he died and it still hurts. I still miss him. And till you […]

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January 2020 Memories

I cannot be the only one who feels like January went by in the blink of an eye. I swear the year just started. But I guess, we’re onto the next month now. Here are a few of the things I remembered happening during January. I traveled back to Canada, like I have mentioned lots […]

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Leaving is the Hardest Part

Today my grandmother told me that every time I tell the doggie I’m leaving (because I am the type of person who speaks to her dog), it makes her sad. And honestly, I didn’t have a response to that. Because leaving is always the hardest part. Just to make it less confusing, I came to […]

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The Past Decade

After looking back on the past year, I thought it was only fair to look back on the past decade. And I know that we are several days in January already, but it doesn’t matter because its my life.. The past decade was a time where I not only became a teenager and went through […]

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I’ll Always Remember You…

Growing up, one of the tv shows I was obsessed with was Hannah Montana. I loved the tv show, the songs, Miley Cyrus. And it makes sense. I’m a Gen Z girl who had the good Disney and Nick shows, not what plays now. A while ago I was scrolling through Instagram, and I came […]

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August TV Favourites

A scene is about to be filmed

Still can’t understand how August went by so quickly. I felt like I did nothing productive except binge watch some tv shows. At least that did not disappoint me. Vampire Diaries (2009) – Season 7 Summary: Vampires and all things supernatural lie in a in a town called Mystic Falls. I finished watching this series […]

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