My Friday Night

Its 8pm on a Friday night. I am in my pyjamas, a messy bun and in my bed. I can hear the rain outside my window. I know. I am living the life as a 22 year old. I realize my life may not be as glamorous as others, but I am okay with that. […]

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I’ll Always Remember You…

Growing up, one of the tv shows I was obsessed with was Hannah Montana. I loved the tv show, the songs, Miley Cyrus. And it makes sense. I’m a Gen Z girl who had the good Disney and Nick shows, not what plays now. A while ago I was scrolling through Instagram, and I came […]

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Its Okay to Cry

A girl crying with her hands on her eyes.

An hour ago, as I laid down writing in my journal, I started crying. And it made me realize that its completely okay to cry. No one should judge you because you feel sad or make you feel old. Thing is, we are all humans. Its part of us to cry. It happens. The same […]

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