Missing Him on His Birthday

Lit Candles on Cupcakes

My uncle would have turned 42 years today. But he’s dead and wasn’t able to experience it [not that there is anything he is missing] I’m going to be honest, its been a rough day for me. Its almost 10 months since he died and it still hurts. I still miss him. And till you […]

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Now I'm Blocked

Ok so a few days ago I made a post about going out with someone and wanting to see them again. And I don’t know what happened between then and today, because now I’m blocked. After I made that post, he barely messaged me. I don’t know why. And I don’t think its my blog. […]

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Sometimes These Things Happen

In my last post, I mentioned going on a date that has set the bar for everyone else to come. And I also mentioned that I was not sure if there was going to be another date with him. Well I can officially say that there isn’t going to be one. He officially ended things […]

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