Caribbean Food I Love and Miss

This is a photo of the Caribbean. And if it isn’t that obvious, there are lots of islands. Not just the well-known ones such as Jamaica, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Cuba or Bahamas. I can bet there are some you have never heard of before. The only reason why I am putting this out there is […]

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Everything is Not Fine

I’ve been debating whether or not I wanted to speak about this, but seeing that I have been crying the past hour-ish, I have my answer. If you read my last post, you would know that I was travelling back to Canada. I arrived safely, but everything is not fine. I like being on planes […]

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Calling Canada Home

A key in an opened door

When I moved to Canada three years ago, little did I know that it would have become my second home. I was born and raised in St. Lucia, living there for 19 years. That is what I called home for all those years and I never once thought that another place would have been able […]

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Saying Goodbye

Its such a bitter sweet feeling saying goodbye. In some ways I am excited to get back to Canada, and whatever that awaits, which I hope is good. But the other part of me is fucking terrified and sad to leave because this is my home. I am leaving behind my family and C and […]

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Last Day Home

5 mailboxes

Its actually really sad admitting that its my last day home, since the day went by so quickly. Will admit that it was partly because I woke up at 12pm, which I do not recommend, but I was exhausted and needed the rest so that’s okay. It was a good day, so I am happy […]

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11th August 2019

A girl trying to sleep

Today’s been a rough one for me. I barely slept last night and I had no coffee today, which is not a fun combination. And even when I tried to take a nap, that didn’t work, because naps seem to hate me. So I got to spend it yawning over and over and over again. […]

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