Just Hearing Those Words: Part 1

I have a good sense of intuition. And honestly it can be a blessing and a curse. Whenever something has happened or is about to, its like my body can just feel something is different. It does not know what exactly, just that something is off. And its been happening for years. Now that away […]

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My Little Piece of the Internet

I try to explain to others whats going on but they don’t understand. Not only can they not relate to whats going on and how I feel, they leave. Imagine having the gut to tell someone your story, the pain and emotions that come with it. They pretend to understand. Maybe they do. But then […]

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Dentist + Anxiety

A girl getting a procedure done at the dentist

Its another night with me being an anxious mess, though I am not crying. Well at least not yet. And its another night with an unplanned post. But you know what, this blog is about the feelings and opening up, so writing helps. Tonight my anxiety and mind is going in overdrive about my dental […]

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