Grad School Diaries: When it makes me cry

In some way, I am joking about grad school making me cry, but its also true. It made me cry tonight. I will explain. This week has been a rough and emotional one. My grandmother’s funeral was on Monday and it was rough. Obviously, I am still grieving and not over it. The past 3 […]

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June 2021 Memories

Somehow we are halfway through the year already. Honestly, I am not sure if I am excited or sad about that. At least my birthday is in July – I have that to look forward to. The best way to describe June was an emotional shit show. June marked the 2nd anniversary of my uncle’s […]

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Why Arristella?

Scrabble pieces spelling the word blog

Over the past year, I have gotten into the habit of sharing journal entries with friends. To believe something  that I considered so personal and private to me, I was comfortable enough to share with other people. They were stories, memories, feelings. It was all laid out there. And the more that I did it, […]

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