Here we go again

Two years ago around this time, my maternal grandmother got sick and unfortunately passed away. August will be 2 years. It was the most heartbreaking thing to have happened to me. A few months ago, my paternal grandmother got sick and has been in and out of the icu ever since. She is slowly dying.

Even though I’ve already been through this once already, it doesn’t hurt any less. In a way, it feels like a nightmare that I am dealing with. It feels like the universe is against me somehow that I am losing all the people that I love.

I think the worst part of it all is that we don’t know whats making her that sick. At one point, there was a rumour that it was pancreatic cancer, but thats not it. Its hard to believe that the doctors in 2023 can’t figure out whats the issue. All they can do is try to put a bandaid on it and hope that it helps. It feels like every single day I am getting bad news or waiting for those to come out with the words that broke me two years ago.

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2 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Aww man. Sadly that’s how it is sometimes. Doctors only know so much– and sometimes it takes months or years, and a lot of specialist visits and frustrations, to get an uncommon or rare illness diagnosed. Even after 5 years of med school + 2 years post grad so far I’m not ashamed to say I probably only know 10% of what’s out there, and every year guidelines change so I’ll be studying and recertifying until retirement. Anyway, that’s just me offering another perspective. I truly hope your grandma gets a diagnosis soon and healing 🙏🏾 nice seeing you back here. Take care


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