June 2021 Memories

Somehow we are halfway through the year already. Honestly, I am not sure if I am excited or sad about that. At least my birthday is in July – I have that to look forward to.

The best way to describe June was an emotional shit show. June marked the 2nd anniversary of my uncle’s death and the 3rd anniversary of my aunts death. On top of that my grandmother has been really really sick. I made a very emotional post about it here and last week we found out that she had a blood clot. Turns out she had a stroke too. I talked more about it here. I thought now we were out of the woods, I was wrong. Yesterday, my uncle found her on the bathroom floor and rushed her to the hospital and that is where she has been since. I have said it before, I live in a different country than my grandparents and its hard not being there, especially as I have always been so close to them.

It feels like I dont deserve happiness. Whenever, something good happens, something bad follows.

On a positive note, I received my 2nd vaccine dose tonight. So I am fully vaccinated. I got pfizer for the first and moderna for the second. I am grateful and priviledged to be vaccinated and so far I am feeling fine.

I also got my first paycheque this month, and it feels so good to not be broke. I may or may not have gotten a brand-name crossbody as a treat to myself. Funny story, I was not paid the first 5 weeks of work. No one told me I had to submit a timesheet or how to, so I did not get paid until I brought it up. Don’t worry, its all good and now I just need to remember to submit it every week.

This month, I also had to deal with a situation with a particular telecommunication company in the Caribbean that starts with an F. Backstory, I pay for grandparents telecom bills and have been doing so for the past year and a half. Its easier for us all. Its usually 2 separate bills because they like to make our lives difficult – there is internet + cable and the house phone bill. For some this particular telecom claimed that I did not pay that bill, when there is a transaction on my bank account that shows I did. Dealt with customer service which wasn’t helpful – since I didnt have a confirmation number they couldnt prove the bill and told me to contact bank. All three people at the bank said the transaction went through and they were paid. Basically this company stole $20 CAD from me. The bank said they were going to credit me the amount since it wasnt that much, but that never happened and I had to repay May’s bill even though I already paid. I am still salty and absolutely hate that company. Unfortunately, they’ve monopolized the market in St.Lucia and I dont have a choice. I know its only 20CAD but I could have spent it on something else that would have made me happier – starbucks, poutine, pizza.

I am still in a reading slump and was only able to finish one book this month. I read Finlay Donovan is Killing it by Elle Cosimano. It was a good book. I have been playing my switch a little bit more this month. Good news, it helps me de-stress from work. Bad news I am still addicted to to . I guess you win some you lose some.

Anyway, I am going to end here. Its a long weekend for me since tomorrow is a public holiday and we have Friday off. Its the little things I am grateful for.


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