Turns out it was a blood clot

A few days ago, I made a post being an emotional mess because my grandmother was really sick and I was terrified she would die.

After a lot of testing, turns out she had a blood clot in her brain.

If I am being honest, I do not know how to feel about hearing that. On one hand I am glad that I know what her so sick, that it was caught and that she could get treated. But on the other hand all that comes to mind is that it might have been because of the vaccine. She received her first dose at the end of April and was scheduled to her second at the end of June/beginning of July.

I dont know if thats what caused the blood clot. I dont know what vaccine she got. But its hard not to think thats the reason why that may have happened.

With all that said, I am still for vaccines and grateful that I have had my first dose.


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