Men and their lies

So there’s a guy I’ve known for about 3 years. His MO is asking me to go out with him and then becoming flaky day of. His plan is always booking a hotel room to drink, cuddle and have weed. He also loves deleting me off snapchat and then adding me back as a friend when he’s ready. There was a point, his name was cuddle buddy in my phone. This has been going for 3 years and I have never met him.

Why am I tell you this? Because today I realized he does not remember the things/lies he says to me.

Last month, he started his usual bs about getting a hotel room blah blah blah. Not only can I not rely on him, we’re a pandemic and where I live it was bad. I was not going out with a stranger. After getting exposed to covid, I want to stay as far away as possible. I remember mentioning that I wasn’t vaccinated yet but would have been in the next week or so and that I didn’t feel comfortable going out — which is true. He told me he’s already vaccinated, so I after I got my vaccine we should go out.

Today, he sent me a snap about him getting the first dose of his vaccine. He most likely sent it to a bunch of his friends so I’m not special.

ugghhh men.

This right here is why I am single.

Sometimes I wonder is people keep up with the shit that comes out of their mouths because none it is assuring.

If you’re wondering why I put up with this, I don’t know. I think part of it is because I have no life and the other part is that it makes for a great story. Also, it makes me realize that my standards are high.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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