March 2021 Memories

I’m going to be honest, a part of me did not want to put up my March recap because I am tired and have been looking at a screen all day. But this is one of my favourite things to write about, so I will get get through, but it will be short.

Obviously started off the month finishing my self-isolation. I did not finish my quarantine diaries on the blog, but honestly you did not miss anything other than me leaving there at less than 30 mins after isolation ended. It finished at 11:50pm, ya girl was out by 12:30am. And it was my mom’s idea. She wanted me home so much that she was waiting outside the facility at 11:pm.

I got my grad school decisions this month. I got rejected from the school from hell (not surprised) and from top choice. However, I did get an fully funded offer from my alma matter which I accepted. Even though getting rejected from one school sucked, I am grateful that I got accepted somewhere. And being a big believe in everything happening for a reason, maybe the universe is pointing me there for something I do not know about yet.

Remember how I mentioned at the beginning that I have been looking at a screen all day? Well its because I spent the past few days prepping my materials for me to present at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) next month. The materials are due tonight, and being extra, I needed to make sure things looked just right.

I have amazon prime and lately I have been trying to lesson my dependence on it and remove that expectation of fast delivery. However, lately my mom’s partner keeps on asking me get things for them. Since I always get an extra $10 when they e-transfer me, I can’t really complain.

Did not do much reading this month compared to other months. I finished 4 books and I am in the middle of another. Honestly, I have been in a bit of slump this month when it comes to reading. I would start books and have no interest in it, or barely read a chapter before going to bed. I finished:

  • With This Ring by Natasha Knight (To Have And To Hold Duet )
  • I Thee Take by Natasha Knight (To Have And To Hold Duet Series)
  • Fallen Heir by Erin Watt (The Royals #4)
  • Cracked Kingdom by Erin Watt (The Royals #5)

Currently, I am in the middle of The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Fun fact: I love mafia romances and I finished the books by Natasha Knight in a few hours

If there is anything I accomplished this month, its watching a ton of tv shows. And I am not joking.

  • Behind her eyes
  • Bombay Begums
  • Make It or Break it (season 1, half of season 2)
  • Love Alarm (seasons 1 and 2)
  • Zero chill

And these are the ones I remember.

In case you want to catch up, this is what I posted throughout the month:


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