Today I Accepted that Offer

Two weeks ago I got rejected from my top choice graduate program in economics. It was devastating.

One week ago I got accepted to the graduate program in economics at my alma mater with funding.

Today I accepted that offer.

Normally, graduate programs are competitive with many applicants and limited spots. But this year, was a whole new ballgame.

Getting rejected from my top choice program sucked. I was in a funk for days after. But I realized that I can’t blame myself because admissions this year was competitive. I knew that going in. If I had applied last year or we were not in a pandemic, it may have been different.

Getting that offer from my alma mater was a relief. It meant that now I have a chance to get my MA in economics. It meant that there were people who believed that I am capable of doing the work. And I am privileged to have it funded. Without giving how much I am getting away, my funding covers my tuition and some live off of. After getting rejected from the other program, I did not realize how much I wanted that offer.

I am a big believe in everything happening for a reason. Yes, I know its cliche, but it explains a lot of the things that have happened in my life. Even though I do not know why, maybe there is a reason why the universe is sending me back to my alma mater to get MA in Economics. Maybe after finishing that program I end up choosing to do my PhD. Maybe I make connection and work in the corporate world. Maybe I get to work on another research project. Honestly, I don’t have the answer to that reason why yet. But I am excited to find out why.

I know there are so many people waiting to hear back from graduate programs. And I know how nerve wrecking it is constantly refreshing to see if there is a change in your application status. I know how devastating it is getting rejected. At the end of the day a rejection or acceptance does not define who you are.


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