Is this school even worth all this trouble?

Its 4:30am. I decided to check me email before I put everything away, only to read and email and now a little bit annoyed. I want to rant, so best place to do it is here.

This is all about one of the graduate programs I applied to.

It started off with trying to pay the fee to complete the application. For some reason it refused my debit card, no matter how many times I tried. Then I called my grandmother to help me out. It worked for her. Okay Problem solved.

Yesterday, I found out that there were issues with application system, so they never received it until yesterday. They basically received it a week after the deadline, even though I submitted it before the deadline. And when one of my references tried to submit the reference, the link was closed. I emailed them explaining what happened, with the department’s instructions to submit it via email to the department’s office. Great. Another problem

That email I was talking about was the confirmation they got my application. And the first thing I noticed was that they have my address wrong. Instead of my Canadian address that I gave them, they have my grandparent’s address on file. Like full university letterhead with the wrong address. The grandparents live in the Caribbean. I live in Canada. I haven’t lived in the Caribbean since 2016. I haven’t even seen my grandparents since last year when I left. It makes sense to have my old address because I applied to that school for undergrad, but that was 5 years ago. Hopefully, it is an easy fix, but that is another times problem.

I love the number 3. I love doing things in 3s. So having this be the 3rd time there is a problem makes me question if its even worth all this trouble? Is the universe trying to give me a sign? Or am I that unlucky? Also, what will they do next?


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