Let’s Chat: Grad School Applications are submitted

I can finally say I am done with those grad school applications. Thank god. I only applied to 3 schools/programs and even though it might not seem like a lot, it wasn’t fun. Its costly, detailed and the information asked is similar but different. And there were times where I was frustrated and wanted to pull my hair out.

Now that its done, you would think I feel relieved and maybe give myself a treat. And instead I feel a little bit anxious because its no longer in my control. All I can do is hope that:

  1. the individuals I used as references actually complete those references
  2. I get accepted somewhere since I only applied to 3 schools.

I have always tried being up-to-date with my emails, but tonight I put the notifications off. Lately, I have realized I become scared and/or anxious when I see emails coming from certain senders. And I don’t need that in my life. I don’t need more rejections. There’s a reason why my phone is on do not disturb (dnd) 90% of the time. But lately, I have had to put dnd off with everything going on with my grandmother.

As much as I am happy to be done with grad school applications, I am not in the waiting period. What will it be? A yes? No? Maybe?


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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