Acts of Kindness

Soooo I actually meant to get this up way earlier today but I didn’t because I was a tired grump. I made a not-so-smart decision to go to bed after 5am when I had to wake up before 12pm. But it happened, I seem to never learn my lesson and I had to wake up early-ish because we were expecting a plumber. I cannot be the only one who looooves waiting around for people to show up.

If you have been following my blog recently, you would know that I am not in the holiday mood this year. Instead of complaining about it again, I decided to do something for others. I feel like now more than ever, its worth not caring only about yourself. You can make an impact by doing an act of kindness, whether that is donating to a charity, bringing toys to a children’s home or hospital, giving gift cards or homemade cookies for essential workers and making cards for long-term care centres. Here is a link to a list of 40 random acts of kindness. It will brighten someone’s day because you don’t know what they are going through. And put yourself in their shoes. If you were going through a shitty day, wouldn’t something small make your day? I know it would make mine?

When I saw that a group that I am a part of, partnered with an organization called the Stay Gold Society to create handmade cards for seniors, I was in. At first it was because I was in the drawing mood. But then I realized, if I was an older person living in one of those homes, away from family and friends, at this time of year, I would love a handmade card with a cute note. Honestly, I am always up for a card no matter how old I am. So I ended up creating 16 cards with a handwritten message in each. It did not cost me that much because I had a ton of supplies laying around. All I paid for was expressed shipping (because I wanted it to reach before Christmas) and a few stickers. I probably would have created more if I had more time because I would love for these seniors to have something this holiday season.

Here are the cards I made.

I am not really sure I can pick a favourite but the grinch and the penguins is up there as the top contenders.

With all that said, I did not tell this story for the attention. I told it so that we can be aware that something little can make someone’s day and so we can give back.

I am hoping that in years to come, I can continue and do more.


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8 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness

  1. These cards are so good! I’m sure they will help lift up the seniors’ spirits! It’s impressive how many cards you made – I can imagine that it must have taken a while!

    I sent 2 colored postcards in 2018 to a retirement home and didn’t hear back which was sad. To this day I still wonder about these seniors. They both had dementia and were very sweet during my time with them.

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      1. Yes, I added a return address. I doubt they remembered who I was. Also, I wonder if the manager ever gave them the postcards. They had strict rules. Coloring the postcards was fun and I miss sending mail (something I did not do this year). It’s amazing how little acts of kindness can make both the sender’s and the recipient’s day brighter.

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      2. Jeez. that sucks. I doubt all managers are like that. You are right. Little things can definitely make your day. There was an article about how a long-term home was asking for pen-pals for their residents because they were lonely. It worked and they started getting letters from lots of different places. You could always try something like that.


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