The Heroes we did not know we Needed

I’m guessing that the majority of us have had to deal with scammers, whether that is through phone calls or texts or maybe even emails. And if you haven’t, I’m jealous.

I get at least one scam phone call a week and usually its from fido chinese department. Sometimes its Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). I know its a scam. I usually hang up immediately after I hear that automated voice. But there are victims who have fallen victims to these scammers and end up losing money.

The reason why I brought this up is not because I got scammed (yet at least) but because I got into one of those Youtube rabbit holes of people making the lives of scammers hell. Yes you read that right. Maybe its just my type of humour, but I found it hilarious.

This one guy pretends to be an old lady, calling the scammer his real name Prahalad, and the scammer is like “no my name is Kevin. Who is Prahalad?” Oh Kevin. I hope I am not offending any Kevin’s out there even though the professor I have a call with tomorrow, his name is Kevin. Also, the kid in Home Alone is also named Kevin. I guess Kevin is trouble.

These youtubers find out their real information – their names and details. And one even deleted all their files off the computer. While watching those videos, I kept on thinking that these are heroes we did not know we needed. And they are entertaining.


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