Christmas Puppy | December Bullet Journal Spread

This time of year has always been my favourite. It feels magical, theres a ton of food and you get to see family and friends. But with everything going on this year, I am not in the christmas spirit. I’m sad and a bit of a grump. So I am just here trying to distract myself for the next few weeks because I don’t really have an option.

Creating my December spread for my new grad bullet journal was a good distraction. Took my mind of things, allowed me to watch a movie or three, listen to podcasts and music and allowed me to be creative. I know it might seem extra, but it fits my personality and it gets added to my journal collection.

This month, I went with a Christmas puppy/Santa paws theme because I miss my dog and I am not seeing him this year. My inspiration came from “dressing him up” over the past few years, which is always “torture” for him but fun for me.

I swear he’s fine. He’s just a little bit sassy at times.

This is the cover page. I really liked how it came out, even though my coloring is tragic.

Simple month a glance, with a bit of a quote. This month, I decided to put all the dates with some space next to it in case I had something going on and i really liked how it turned out.

I tried to my best to draw chihuahua but that shit is hard.

The reason why 13th December is highlighted is because it is a holiday in St.Lucia.

It is Saint Lucia’s National Day and marks the Feast Day of Saint Lucia, the patron saint of the island.

With me feeling like a grump, I am hoping that those 25 doodles put me in the Christmas spirit. If not, I get an excuse to draw,

I really liked how this dog in popcorn came out. Plus, it was not that difficult to draw.

I enjoy watching those cheesy Christmas movies, thats basically the same idea, in different places and with different characters. Why? I do not know, but they are entertaining especially when I am styling my hair.

I will say Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are my classic Christmas movies. I end up watching every year and it never gets old. Christmas with the Kranks is also a good one – I was watching it while working on this journal. Unpopular opinion, I do not like Elf. Others that I enjoy are How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Santa Claus, Dennis the Mennis, and Almost Christmas.

A notes page with a quote, a photo of my dog and a fireplace.

Like I mentioned earlier, drawing a chihuahua was difficult. I really tried and this one ended up looking like a mouse. But you know what, its okay because my dog looked like a mouse when he was a pup. “Wreck the halls” is a play on the words “Deck the halls” and is meant to be about the little things he does that I want to remember. And “the little things” are the moments that make my day.

I dont think I will be using these trackers very often this month but I still wanted to have it. With the holidays, I don’t think I will be applying to that many jobs and I will not have that many no-spend days because I enjoy buying ebooks that I am interested in reading when they’re on sale rather than full price. Books I am interested in seem to be on sale lately.

At the end of the year, I love recapping it. The good, the bad, the weird. And it tends to be around 12-15 pages. Yes, I can ramble. But I wanted a summary in this journal so that was the idea here.

And thats my December set-up. Lots of red and black with my attempt at calligraphy.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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