Family, Phone Calls and the Holidays

My grandmother and I speak every single day. It doesn’t matter if the call is 2 mins or 1 hour, we talk and its always been that way between the two of us. The only times we don’t really talk is when she’s asleep, sick or in the hospital. However, this Sunday and last Sunday, my grandfather has wanted to talk too. And I find it so cute.

My grandfather and I don’t really talk on the phone as much as my grandmother and I. And when it does happen, its usually just checking up on each other every few months. But lately, as soon as I call, my grandmother picks us and hands it to my grandfather to speak to me. Its usually a short chat about how my mom and I are doing, the fact that I can’t travel this year and telling me he’s taking care of the dog. Like I said so cute. I like it.

I’ve been open about how hard not seeing my grandparents for the holidays is for me. But I’ve never really talked about how its affecting them. They both miss me and if it wasn’t for the fee to quarantine, we would have found a way for me to be with them safely. My grandfather doesn’t show it, but he does miss me and he always speaks to my grandmother about that and checking up on me.

I have always been my grandfather’s little sidekick, following him everywhere. He’s more of a father to me. Still as an adult he drags me along with him and brings me something when he goes out. And he and my grandmother would make sure that they have every thing I loved eating and drinking while there, stocked and ready for when I went home.

I’m just grateful that I got to speak to my grandfather today. Its the little things.


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