Lockdown 2.0 and Some Snow

Well, we have done it. With covid cases increasing in the Toronto and Peel regions we are going back into “lockdown” tomorrow for 28 days. And on top of that, its snowing today.

Schools and child care services are going to remain open, as well as essential stores, so thats good.However, restaurants, small businesses and malls are going to be closed. With black friday sales and the holidays coming these malls are going to get crazy. Square One, Eaton Centre and Yorkdale are normally busy, but the add the holidays and its a madhouse in there. I do feel bad about the small businesses who have to close. I’m curious, why are liquor stores considered essential?

I really don’t understand why the panic shopping has started again. They’re not going to close the grocery stores. The lockdown was announced around 3:30pm on Friday, and when my mom went to do some groceries around 5pm, the lines were crazy when they are not. Then when I watched the news, same thing. I don’t get it. I understand maybe wanting to get gifts, but why grocery stores?

We also got out first late fall/early winter snowfall. Its pretty outside and my photos do not do it justice.

Its supposed to be around 8-11cm. I know its not that much compared to other places who already had snow, but its still something.

Storytime: the first time I experienced snow was at my school. I lived on campus at that time and was going back since I had spent the weekend at my mom (where there was no snow). The school is in Toronto, my mom lived in Peel, so one place had snow while the other didn’t. It was a bit windy that day, I was wearing nikes and while walking to my residence, I slid. Did not expect that. The next day, I had to learn to walk in the snow, was an interesting experience even though I was wearing boots. Don’t worry, now I can wear nikes in the snow without fearing for my life.


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