Baby Foxes & Fall Leaves | November Bullet Journal Spread

This month for my new grad journal, I decided to go with a Baby Foxes and Fall Leaves theme. I know that it sounds a but weird, but it is meant to be adorable and match my quirky personality. Also I did not want something that is very common but still wanted it to fit the vibe of this time of year.

Like usual I used

  • Cleverfox Dotted Journal 2.0
  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pens
  • Zebra Mildliners
  • Crayola supertips

PS. I took photos of these spreads before I started using them so its meant to be empty. And I do not know how to color with markers, so it looks a bit streaky. I still love it but turns out coloring with markers is harder than I thought. Or I need to use more expensive products which is a no-no.

Since the theme for the month is baby fox and the fall leaves, we needed to have it on the cover page.

Monthly cover page.

There is a small calendar to see what day it is, keep track of any important dates this month and a space for anything that might be going on next month. Yes I start my week on Sundays.

Monthly calendar and important dates.

Last month, I barely used the blog posts and ideas page, so I did not want to create that again. Instead, I did a notes section to jot down anything. I also love how the fox is resting on the swing.

Notes section.

Since I knew that I was starting my grad school application process, I wanted to keep track of important information here, while keeping all other details on my notion. See the baby fox reading their book?

Grad school tracker.

Still have the Chocolate stories and gratitude in my journal. I love how the baby fox is drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

Gratitude and Chocolate stories.

Not only can I not color, it seems I can’t use an eraser as well.

Quote page and monthly playlist.

I try to keep track of what I do not have to spending money on and what I do have to spend on. Yes it is still spending money, but one is a priority while the other is not. And the reason why the fox is having a chocolate chip cookie is because I have been obsessed with chips ahoy lately.

Expense tracker.

This my habit tracker this month. I really like how it turned out. I use an orange mildliner to mark the days I do not spend money (which is going well) and a yellow mildliner for the days I apply to jobs. I enjoyed using the circle habit trackers, its just more fun. But having to look for circular items around the house to these circles the size I wanted them was an adventure.

Monthly habit trackers.

Lastly, we have a page to track the jobs I applied to this month. I will most likely will need another page, but I can do that when needed because drawing a table is simple.

Jobs applied to.

And thats it. I know it seems extra, but it fits my personality, documents everything I need it to and I enjoy creating these spreads.


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