Getting my new permanent resident (PR) card

Getting my new permanent resident (PR) card today made my day. The past few days and weeks have been rough, so seeing it in my hand made me excited and hopeful.

It might seem silly, but the truth is the past weeks and months, I have been stressed about it. I sent in my application and the end of June, since my old one expired at the beginning of September. I am not a Canadian citizen, so I do not hold a Canadian passport. This is the document I use to enter into Canada. And if I were to leave, I would not be able to enter without it. I know that we are in a pandemic and we cannot travel. However, my family does not live here, which means if there is an emergency, I need to leave ASAP.

The idea of not having that PR card and safe of mind, has worried me, because all I was trying to do was get it renewed. When my mother got hers renewed, it took about a month. Mine took 3 and a half months. I know we are in a pandemic, so I am not blaming anyone. Its just interesting seeing the difference with my photo id taking only 2 weeks. I ended up contacting them at the end of September asking about it, because I was worried. They replied a week later saying that applications before February 2020 were being prioritized, which I understood. Then two weeks later, I get another email saying they opened my case and then 5 days later they mailed it out. Was it a standard reply? Were they telling the truth? I don’t know and I will never know.

Since it is in my hands and I am no longer worried, the question remains, will I be travelling for Christmas? I don’t know. I really want to and if I do, I need to start planning because I would need to quarantine. However, there seems to be a second wave and I don’t want to be stuck in another country if there is a lockdown. Before you think I am an idiot for traveling in a pandemic, read this.


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