Creating a “New Grad” bullet Journal

Over the past few weeks, I got into journaling, specifically bullet journaling. I started drawing, lettering and always seemed to be watching bullet journal videos on Youtube. I created a reading journal to document my reading journey. I may not the best at it, but there is just something calming about doing it and in a few years, it will be interesting looking back.

One night last week, I felt a bit down about myself with constantly being rejected and decided I wanted to create a new journal to document my job search journey. So I ended up ordering a notebook at 3am. Here’s the thing, when an idea pops into my head and it refuses to leave, I will go after it. Also I tend to make spontaneous purchases when I am sad.

But the more that I thought about it, I realized I wanted to have a journal documenting this new-grad time, not only the jobs, so that in a few years I could look back on it. Also, I wanted a reason to draw because I enjoyed it. I wanted to track finances, things I am grateful for, stories about my dog, grad school applications [when that happens], music that I am enjoying, tv shows. So thats what I did.

All I used were:

  • Cleverfox Dotted Journal 2.0
  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pens
  • White gel ink pen [white detail]
  • Crayola supertips [here and there]

This is the cover page. I love the quote and the girl has curly hair and a bow just like me.
When I draw women, I try to see myself in the photos. I add curly hair, A earring and a ring on the middle finger.

For October I wanted to have a masquerade mask theme because it is classy and beautiful. The problem was I could not get ideas because it was not a popular theme. So I improvised using the little that I had.

The cover page for October.

Monthly calendar with a quote and important dates. Yes, I know that Halloween is not technically a holiday, but its still a holiday.
Planning to write down songs I enjoyed that month and what tv shows I watched.
I love writing down what I am grateful for when I am having a bad day. Chocolate is my dog, who I get daily updates from. He does some memorable things.
Included blog content with a sneak peak of something I want to do.
Expense tracker. The important, not so-important and trying to not spend. If you can’t tell, its not going well so far.
I am a bit nerdy and love looking at the statistics of the little things. Also, this quote is there so that the statistics, do not make me feel sad.
The details of jobs I applied to.

And that’s it. I am proud of it and can’t wait to start using it. Now I am wondering whether or not I should start sharing it though I doubt anyone cares.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

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