It has been an interesting night

The past half hour has been an interesting one.

I’m just laying on my bed, reading and I suddenly hear a knock. Sounds common right? Except that its after 7pm, I did not expect anyone, its dark and I am the only one in the house. But I decided to answer it anyway. He said he was the guy who needed to come fix the furnace and I let him in.

Did I just believe a complete stranger and let them into the house? Absolutely

Could they have lied and killed me? Absolutely

While I am overthinking, it is spooky season and it has been a weird year.

Not even our furnace wants to cooperate. It has broken twice, its barely October and the house is freezing. Its kind of annoying that my landlord did not tell me, and I am always expected to be waiting for them. They give you a 4-hour waiting time and they could either come in the beginning or at the very end. I understand that I am always home, but sometimes I do have things to do. Like yesterday, I was in a video call and my landlord is asking me to go ask for a report, even though I told them I would be in a video call at the time the repair guy was there.

But that is not what freaked me out. There are 3 police vehicles outside my door.

I don’t know whats going on. They are not there for me. I have lived here for a few years and have never seen police around.. But I am absolutely terrified of police because of a past trauma. So I am trying to not have a panic attack right now because it is one of my triggers and I am home alone. If you want to know why I am terrified of police, I talked about it here.

So I am currently hiding in my room, in the dark, waiting for someone to come home. Lets hope I locked the front door.

update: Police was there for a good 2 hours, walking in and out of one of my neighbours house. I still have no idea what went on

update: My neighbour died, alone in his house. Someone found out the next day.


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