Decided to create a new blog

Sometimes I have good ideas, while most times I have questionable ones. So you might be wondering what did I do this time? I decided to create a “professional-ish” blog.

Recently, a hiring manager gave me some advice. One of the points he made was creating a professional website. He told me that my writing is compelling and that it could help me in with my job search process since I have little experience. And after thinking about it, I convinced myself to do it. So thats what I did.

Arristella is my baby. It is my first attempt in the blogging world, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. And it is not going no where. If it does, where else would I be able to rant about something without someone judging me? But I also need a place that is not as personal and more professional.

So I decided to create this new “professional-ish” blog

I say professional-ish because I do not know exactly what I want to do with it and how I want to do so. It is not show off or prove that I can run a blog. I created a new for help myself in this post grad journey; trying to get a job and figuring out what I want and where I belong. I know that I could have used a free website, but I wanted it to look clean and put together to showcase who I am.

I am sharing this in case you want to follow along, and because some of the posts from here will be revised over there.


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A quirky, possibly crazy 22 year old talking about her life and doggie.

15 thoughts on “Decided to create a new blog

    1. Aww thank you. It means a lot you say that.

      The manager that I mentioned in that post said that my content can be too personal. Me talking about my anxiety can put off individuals who might be scared to hire someone with anxiety. Which sounds wrong. But they also said that me talking procrastinating (which I do not do all the time) or hating my family would look bad. I have no problem being open but at the same time, I do not want it being used against me.

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      1. Perhaps you could connect your new blog to LinkedIn. It might help with getting leads for potential jobs. It makes sense that you want to keep your personal stuff separate, but at the same time, not being able to fully express yourself because of the hiring manager’s opinion is just sad. We can’t fully be our authentic selves if we are forced to suppress our authentic, true selves.

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      2. I don’t think I would share it on Linkedin anytime soon. I’m not comfortable with that level of sharing right now. Maybe one day. I agree with you. Having to hide who you are is not fun. How can we be ourselves if people are judging us?

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      3. My solution to being ourselves is to stop caring so much what other people think of us. There will always be people who don’t vibe with us no matter what we do to impress them. We might as well be ourselves so we can attract the right people into our lives 🙂

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      4. It took me years to be myself and stop caring about what others think. And don’t regret it because I have learned who I am even if it meant that I don’t have many friends. I always say that I will rather be my weird self than a copycat version of everyone else.


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