Getting Rejected vs Getting Ghosted by Companies

A few days ago [Friday] I applied to a job, only to get the standard rejection email this morning in my inbox. I wasn’t upset because unpopular opinion is that I prefer getting rejected than never hearing from that company.

Imagine taking the time to make that resume and cover letter to fit that position. To fill out that detailed online application only to never hear a word back from the company other than the email saying that your application has been submitted successfully. Its disappointing because you worked hard on it and could have spent the time doing something else. But instead you chose to apply for that job.

My rule of thumb is that if I have not gotten a response 2-3 days after the deadline has passed, do not hold your hopes up because they’re not interested.

Is it harsh? absolutely.

Can there be exceptions? obviously. I’ve gotten responses [interviews or rejections] a week or two after the deadline or after I applied.

In most cases, I never hear back. So getting a rejection email feels better than never hearing back from them in the first place. Even is its an hour after you have applied.

I’m curious to what you think. Do you prefer getting rejected or getting ghosted?


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