Oopsie. I bought Another Planner

2 weeks ago, I talked about wanting to buy a planner. It was one of my questionable midnight decisions. Tonight, I bought another planner. So how did we get here?

We can all agree that 2020 has been trash and that it keeps on getting worse. And even though I had a perfectly good planner to last me until the end of the year, especially with me having nothing going on, I wanted a new start. I wanted a new planner. So I got that digital planner to use with my ipad.

I loved the concept and the design. But I hated using one note. Why did I think I would like it when I have never one note in the 2 years I had my ipad. Who knows. I question my sanity every day. So I messaged the seller to see if I could get the notability version and they sent it to me. And I like it and have been using it a bit more.

But I could not get the desire of getting a new physical planner out of my head, especially when I do not need it. But there is just something about this time of year, that I was itching to get one. So I gave in and ordered a less expensive one from Amazon. I could not justify getting an expensive fancy one

Is it one of my best decision? Absolutely not. There are few good decisions that I make. But I still went ahead to buy it.

But I don’t regret it. I’m hoping that getting this new planner keeps me accountable because lately I have been mixing up dates in my head. And that is not a good thing when you are apply to jobs and doing interviews.

Don’t get me wrong, there are several purchases I have made during this pandemic that I am questioning. Maybe I should talk about that because it would be funny.


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3 thoughts on “Oopsie. I bought Another Planner

  1. The planner in your photo looks pretty. I wish I had an iPad that wasn’t so slow + a fancy stylus. I’m stuck with 2 physical planners (neither I use that much) and often dream about switching to a digital planner. I like the simplicity of a physical planner though, especially since my iPad isn’t the most reliable these days and the battery constantly dies.

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    1. So I got that photo from Canva, but if I were to add that template it would look the same way. But I don’t think my writing would look good because I still haven’t gotten use to writing on it. It just does not feel the same. And I can’t judge for not using a planner, because I am like that with a lot of things.
      Maybe there is a digital planner that you can use on your computer or your phone to try out.


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