messing with my anxiety

For the past 20 mins, I have been sitting near my phone waiting for a call that doesn’t seem to come.

See on Friday, I got an email from an HR person at a company asking if I would be available for a short interview from 3pm-4pm. Obviously I said yes because a girl is trying to get a job. And I am currently waiting, and the phone has not rang.

Speaking on the phone makes me anxious. Job interviews make me anxious. Having the two of them obviously makes me more anxious. And all I want to do is get this call over with so that I can go have breakfast and watch the latest episode of Below Deck Med. And I realize that its late and normal people would not be having breakfast now. But trust me I would not be able to keep food down.

I’m a weird anxious person. I know its not their fault but it is messing with my anxiety. Ughhhhhh

How long should I wait?

Update: they did end up calling me. it was a nice conversation and I still think I am weird. Also I think thats the only interview. And since I mentioned my blog in the interview, time to change the post name. And I can finally have breakfast and catch up with Below Deck Med


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