Panic Attacks Suck!!!

Someone crouched down crying

So I just watched the latest episode of Below Deck Med and seeing one of the cast have a panic attack broke my heart.

Whether or not you are a big fan of the show, know that I am not going to spoil anything. A lot of people experience anxiety, some worse than others. And in this instance, the chief stew, Hannah Ferrier has anxiety and struggled with it over the past few seasons.

In last night’s episode, she had a panic attack. Even though they did not show much of it, it was hard for me to watch because I know how scary and lonely it can be to have one.

Its like all your feelings are heightened. You might not be able to breathe. You start crying. Your chest hurts. Everything is getting blurry. You can’t stand up. You feel alone because no one can understand what you are going though. You cannot explain to others. You feel like it will never end. You are in pain.

Panic attacks suck. Whether or not you have them by yourself or others, does not make a difference.

  • I have had one at the airport August 2019.
  • I have had one in a library bathroom June 2017.
  • I had had one just before the start of my finance final last December. Once again ran to the bathroom.
  • Many in my bedroom.
  • The shower is a good place to have one.
  • If you are from Ontario, I have had one at the go station last year.
  • Maybe there are more places that I can’t think of right now.

I am trying to point out that panic and anxiety attacks suck. So seeing Hannah have one, broke my heart.


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