questionable purchases at midnight | Digital Planner

Before I go onto my story, just know that a big decided to scare the living shit out of me tonight. I am not really afraid of bugs, but when they decide to fly through the vent and use my room as their playground, know that it had a death wish and there are always funny stories to tell.

For some reason, tonight I really want to buy a digital planner. Do I need it? Fuck NO Do I want to get it? Absolutely YES

And struggles and decisions like these are how I make some questionable purchases at midnight.

On a serious note, I already have a perfectly good planner that I can use until the end of the year and I do not need to get a new one. I have nothing going on in my life. And realistic part of me knows that since it is a digital one, and I do not use my ipad all the time, there is a 99.99 chance that I do not use it after a few days.

Could I do my own? yeah but it won’t look good. I can’t draw. And I don’t know if you’ve ever used an apple pencil, but my handwriting isn’t the best on there.

But if do get it I would be supporting an etsy creater, there would be a money back guarantee if I don’t like it and it could hopefully be a new start for me.

Honestly I do not know if I will get it but it is so tempting. This year has been such a shit show that I really want a fresh start, especially now that I am in a new chapter of my life.

I guess I will keep you updated.


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5 thoughts on “questionable purchases at midnight | Digital Planner

  1. I’m probably a really bad enabler because I am a stationary fiend who cannot ever say no to a new planner (digital or otherwise)
    In this situation id go for it, like you said you get the money back guarantee, your helping a small creator and you might find it revolutionises your life. What do you have to lose!

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    1. I wouldn’t say I’m big into stationary but I do like trying new things. But I end up sticking to the same brand unless I end up liking something else. Though I’m very particular about my journals covers. It has to be an a5 size, the pages must be good, the cover pretty and not expensive. And it’s not an easy combo.

      Ps. Yes I did end up getting the planner. It’s a new experience

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      1. I really hope it works out for you 🤗🤗 my midnight purchase was a touch screen pen so I can write uni notes on my to cut hscreen laptop instead of typing them to try and get them into my brain more

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