What It’s Like to Graduate into a Pandemic

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If you have never heard of CNBC Make It, I would recommend trying out their content because it is good and relatable as a twenty-something year old. Tonight I decided to watch one where they talked about What It’s Like To Graduate Into A Recession.

I know that older people love to assume that as millennial and post-millennials we’re lazy and entitled. That we prefer to job-hop and rather do something we love than make money. But they are failing to realize that we are in different times. While they we able to get a more traditional job and grow into it until they retire, that is longer a thing. Times are changing and jobs are changing.

The reality check is that 2020 graduates entering the job market are screwed. Not only are we competing against other 2020 graduates, we are competing against experienced professionals for the same job.

How can we gain the experience if no one is willing to hire us, because they are choosing the person with experience instead?

How can we move out, start a family or invest if we are stuck in debt?

Not all of us have a fund set aside to put for our education or a scholarship to cover everything. We took out loans to get an education, hoping to get a job after we graduate. But instead we got to graduate during a pandemic, where offers are rescinded and people are laid off.

Honestly, I’m scared. I do not want to settle or give up. I just want to make a difference


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