I’m starting to regret being a nice person | Family Drama

I’m currently having one of those moments where I wish I could go back in time to take back what I did and said.

Right now I just want to cut off all contact with my family and disappear from the world. I try to be neutral, to not be involved in family drama, I try to be a good person. But it all just backfired in my face and its currently a he-said-she-said situation.

A few weeks ago, I decided to give my cousin some money to help with school expenses. All I said was take $400 from what she owed me. Sounds simple right?

Well I guess my uncle split the money, where half of it went to textbooks and the other half went to uniforms. I don’t remember my family told me that because I have enough problems dealing with that I won’t remember something simple as that.

I was on a video call with my cousin this afternoon, and he said he got $200. So I said interesting because I said $400. I guess later on they called my uncle, which is my cousin’s dad demanding the rest of the money. Now they are claiming that he took the rest of the money and that he never gave them money to buy textbooks.

My grandmother said that my uncle gave my cousin’s mom the money to buy the textbooks.

My cousin and his mom said that my uncle never gave them money to buy textbooks.

I know my uncle and my grandmother. They would never lie to me.

Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. I’m starting to regret being a nice person.


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8 thoughts on “I’m starting to regret being a nice person | Family Drama

  1. I’ll never ever ever lend money to people because I won’t get the money back. My mom taught me this and it was good advice. It doesn’t matter if it’s 25 cents or $400…. people have the nerve to take take take and ever replay! In the future, tell them no… even if it’s hard to say no, be firm about it. Sadly, it’s money that seems to tear families apart. ☹️

    Once it took me 7 months to get a measly $7.50 back from someone. I wasn’t gonna ask for the money until my mom made me hound her. My mom wouldn’t let her in the house until she paid back the money! I didn’t even want to lend her the money but she made an excuse that she didn’t have change… yet strangely, she always seems to have money to spend on herself. Yup…. this is the kind of crap we gotta deal with when we’re doing someone a big favour. 🙄

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    1. Oh I agree with you. I’ve had to learn that the hard way with enough family drama.

      But this time it was more of a gift that I gave.

      I know it sounds silly but I wouldn’t care about that 7.50. I’m not rich by any means, but I have enough problems

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      1. I think my mom just wanted to make a point about the $7.50. I didn’t want to bother with it either but it was the girl’s behaviour and her sense of entitlement that was bothersome. My mom didn’t particularly like this friend of mine. Fast forward to today: I’m no longer friends with her. She couldn’t be trusted for various reasons.

        You gave a very generous gift. People are so ungrateful these days. I’m sorry that your cousin didn’t give the money back. I don’t blame you for wanting to distance yourself from these people, even if they are family.

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      2. Maybe it’s a good thing your mom did that, because you didn’t need her in your life.

        I don’t think the problem is with my cousin. I think it’s with his mom. She causes enough in our lives. Every single time it is something.

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