A year Since I last Straightened My Hair

Today marks 1 year since I last straightened my hair.

Yes I know that exact date because that’s the last time I went to a salon. Yes I know I’m weird for being proud of the little things. And no I did not plan on that, it just happened. And I am not sure if I will straighten it any time here.

I can share my journey in a lot more detail later on, but know I struggled with having curly hair. I grew up in a family and neighbourhood where everyone seem to have naturally straight hair except for. I am the only grandchild with mix curly hair. No one wants to feel like the odd one out, but I was. Plus it didn’t help that my mom didn’t know what to do with it.So I ended up straightening my hair all throughout my teenage years. And it got damaged.

Something changed in me where I started becoming comfortable with who I am. I was longer obsessed with having straight hair. Maybe it has to do with moving to Canada or going to university, or mostly likely becoming lazy. No ones wants to spend hours on their hair on a Sunday, when its just going to end up becoming ruined by wind or rain or snow. I started watching Youtube, learning techniques and products. I stopped being obsessed with having long damaged hair, wanting something healthy crazy. I decided to look into the curly girl method and wearing bright rabbit eared headbands, or hair scarves. I started becoming comfortable with my hair. So the day that I went to get my hair at the salon exactly a year ago, I did not know that it was going to be the last time for while that I would be leaving with straight hair.

I’m not going to say that I will never ever straighten my hair again. If I feel to do it, I am going to do it. I actually planned on straightening it back in March because I was invited to present at a conference and had my graduation photos scheduled after getting back. Since that got cancelled, I ended up not doing it.

But that also does not mean that I do not add heat my hair. The diffuser attachment on the blow dryer is my favourite thing in the world. Maybe its a family curse, but ever since my hair has gotten healthy, it does not dry easily. And once again I’m lazy, I don’t want to be using a blow dryer for an hour, so sometimes I end up going to bed with slightly damp hair. And honestly, its better than leaving the house with wet hair in the winter, only for it to freeze a few seconds later. Trust me I would know because it happened and I got sick a week later. Probably not one of my best decisions.

Going along with having curly hair, the price of curly hair products. Now that shits expensive. Its actually sad the amount of money I have spent on those products in the past year. Some were repeat purchases, others I did not like. And the worst past is the I’ve realized the cheaper products don’t work for me, so RIP. And because I really want to torture myself, I will calculate how much money I spent on it all.

Ummmmm. I did not realize how much money I have spent and that was just over the past year [July 2019 – July 2020] on products. Not even accessories. Maybe its my fault for shopping on Amazon.

Honestly, I have no idea how to end this after seeing how much money I have spent. And I am definitely not telling my mom because she would kill me. I also don’t regret it because I am learning to accept and love who I am. I no longer feel like I needed to straighten my hair if it was a holiday or I was taking my grad photos.

So I guess happy one year of not straightening my hair.


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